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Our Commitment

~ It’s a Lifestyle ~

CrossFit Spruce Grove is a locally owned gym established 2019. Since then we have worked to improve the lives of all our members as well as the wider community. Above all, we’ve made it our mission to teach our community how to build strength, character and spirit through focused fitness. Whether you’re new to this or a master of the craft, CrossFit Spruce Grove can help wash away the stresses and shape a stronger, better you. Give us a call today!

Why CrossFit ?

It is a strength and conditioning program for many military units, police academies and Olympic athletes it is also a fun way to get fit. A workout (or WOD) typically includes constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. It combines cardiovascular activities, weightlifting, and gymnastics in as many ways as possible. A key element of is the fact that all workouts are scalable, making it an ideal way for everyone to get fit, regardless of age, gender, weight or base fitness.

We have CrossFit classes seven days a week, with additional sessions covering nutrition and Olympic Weightlifting to help improve your technique. Our coaches programme the workouts to be suitable for all levels and are always available to provide advice, assistance and to answer your queries.

Our sessions are different every day to ensure variety and provide all-round conditioning. It is typical for each ‘Workout of the Day’ (or WOD) to include some of the following:

A warm-up, often using light weights, body weight or a PVC. The purpose is to ensure that every participant is ready for the session ahead.

Gymnastics exercises. To improve strength and conditioning and enable beginners to build-up to more difficult exercises such as pull-ups and hand stands. All the activities are scalable so everyone, regardless of their fitness levels or flexibility, can build up their confidence to more complicated routines.

A high intensity training session. This mix can involve cardio and weights to provide a great way to improve fitness in short bursts. These typically last for anything between 15 minutes to half an hour and often include a number of exercises.

Weightlifting sessions. As well as the two Olympic Weightlifting disciplines (‘snatch’ plus ‘clean and jerk’) our sessions focus on core weightlifting exercises such as deadlifts, bench-press, shoulder press and squats.

Running. This is often sprints but occasionally may require a slightly longer run.

Skipping. Many routines include skipping. This is scalable to help participants build up to ‘double-under’ skipping exercises.

Some of the WODs are completed individually whereas others are known as ‘partner WODs’, where particpants work in pairs. It is typical for the qualified coach to pair people with similar abilities and experience. This is a great way to meet new people and to help each other through the session.

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